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Apr 06 2008

Oman – in search of the Arabian Leopard

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When our friends Dave and Judy Willis invited us to Oman in Dec 2007 we knew we were in for a treat. I had first met this intinerant Aussie couple in Kenya’s Masai Mara years earlier while following the lives of the Marsh Lions and the various leopards that Angie and I had come to know. In those days life for the Willis family revolved around their battered old Land Rover which had carried them to many far off places and provided a mobile home for their young sons Mateo and Miguel. Dave is a talented painter who moved with his family to Oman some 15 years ago. Like us, Dave has a passion for big cats – particularly leopards – so when he took up residence in Oman his attentions soon turned to trying to photograph the illusive and critically endangered Arabian leopard; there are probabaly less than 100 left in the wild. The only way Dave could photograph these illusive cats was to use all his ingenuity and dogged persistence and the help of remote cameras strategically placed along trails and near scent posts used by the
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