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Jan 02 2010

The Masai Mara: The End Game?

The MasaiAngie was born in Africa and I have lived here since 1974 (in Kenya since 1977) – it is our home.

As much as I love our visits to the UK (where I was born) I always feel as if I am truly coming home when I walk through our front door here in Nairobi. We are so fortunate to have a beautiful home on the outskirts. The fact that we can work from home writing our books and processing our images is a blessing. And never far from our minds is the Masai Mara – our second home just a 45 min flight away (or a bumpy 5 to 6 hour drive in our Toyota Landcruiser!).

The Mara is facing a crisis. Rampant and unplanned development in and outside the Reserve is the most pressing problem. A Management Plan for the Reserve has been formulated by the two County Councils charged with administering the Reserve on behalf of the the Masai people, and has the blessing of the majority of the tourist
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Apr 21 2008

Masai Ceremony and visit to Leleshwa Camp

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Just back from a lightning trip to the Mara. Headed down the road on 19 April with our good friend Annabella Frachescon of Maniago Travel to accompany a group of Spanish journalists/photographers who had flown in to Kenya to publicise our tourist industry. The road is pretty awful in places but the engineers are hard at work resurfacing it so hopefully it wont be long before driving to the Mara is a lot more comfortable. Maniago Travel organise all our international travel tickets and transfers with Henry Mburi doing an amazing job ticketing for us. On this occasion we stayed at Leleshwa Camp (owned and managed by Joe and Gillian Charleson – you can find out more at which is only a four hour drive from Nairobi on the other side of the Mara to the Governor’s Camp area where we film Big Cat Diary.

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