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Apr 15 2010

India March 2010: A safari to remember

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_57A1777This really was a very special trip. Angie and I flew from Kenya to Mumbai and then joined our friends at the Oberoi in Delhi where our safari began. The itinerary was a blend of culture and wildlife starting at the ancient city of Varanasi – one of the oldest cities in the world.

We flew from Delhi and arrived in Varanasi in time to take rickshaws around the town followed by a walk through the streets down to the mighty Ganges. The photographic opportunities are endless. Women in colourful saris and pilgrims and holy men gather to make their offerings at this most sacred of rivers. During late afternoon the light is soft, creating pastel colours and the many boats packed along the river front provide a perfect platform for anyone wanting to view the ceromonies that play out each evening after dark. Angie and I lit a candle and watched as it floated along the waters edge,
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Mar 10 2010

Greetings from India – more Lions

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Would you believe it – wrote a nice tasty Comment before we left last Sunday only to be foiled by the system – I ‘exited’ before uploading! Schoolboy error at the very least. So will try again from our hotel room in Delhi – it is the Oberoi and our favourite hotel in the city.  Just had our first get together with our 8 travelling companions and we have a great group of people – some of them arrived a couple of days early to check out Delhi so are already raring to go. Tomorrow we fly to Varanasi on the Ganges – can’t wait to get the cameras up and working. I have been using our G10 Powershot and got some great cloud shots from the plane.

We flew up from Mumbai (18 million people!) yesterday and right now Angie is having a massage (I have a crick in my neck from typing and need a massage too!). Going to take a swim in a minute but first I have to keep my pledge while we have internet access.

I was writing to you about Lions when the glitch happened. Pepe and Bob had some great information for us and I wanted to answer a couple of points they raised.

One thing I have learnt over the years is that you have to be very careful about identifying individual cats. The spot Continue Reading »

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Feb 14 2010

Getting Started – Question from India

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When we were last in India (April/May 2009) we were delighted to discover how much people in India loved big cat diary – it came as quite a surprise for some of the local residents to find the Big Cat guys in India! The youngsters seemed particularly enthralled by the show which is marvellous, particularly when the tiger is struggling to survive.

I have been in correspondence with a young Indian photographer – amateur but very keen who wants to take the next step. He is using a Nikon D80 with Nikor 18-135 mm, Nikor 70-300 mm & Sigma 150-500 mm. Here is what I said in my latest email to him with a few additions and qualifications that you may find of help with your own photography:

Hi – we will be hosting a group in India from 10 to 23 March – we will visit Bandhavgarh NP and also Ranthambhore NP. We are really looking forward to being back in India!

I think the big thing if you are serious about getting your images published is to save your money and buy the very best prime lenses you can afford (you can sometimes get great savings by buying second hand or on Ebay). Remember the lens is the eye of your camera – buy the best you can as it will give you sharpness, definition and colour balance. I know that Sigma make good lenses but the 150-500mm zoom is asking an awful lot of a lens – there are bound to be some compromises
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Nov 24 2009

Safari 2010 Update

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We are thrilled to have filled our March 2010 safari to India – all eight of our traveling companions have been on safari with us before. We plan to offer a similar two week safari to India in March 2011 so would love to hear from any of you who have plans to travel to India and would like to join us – just 8 people again plus Angie and myself. And if you would like to join us in the Mara in Feb and October 2011 for a week long safari then please let us know.

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Jul 21 2009

India – long term plans: ‘Times they are a Changing’

_G6W7238It is always an extraordinary and exciting moment when you feel a major transformation taking place in your life. I could feel that happening almost twenty years ago when I first visited Antarctica and realized that here was a new and extraordinary land to explore as a photographer: Angie and I both knew that the frozen South might rival our love for Africa. Antarctica was somewhere that made us want to pick up our cameras with a renewed sense of vigour and purpose. The colours, the landscape, the wildlife were all completely new to us and contrasted dramatically with the greens and browns of the African savanna. Antarctica boasted a million penguins to match the great migration of wildebeest and zebra. We have watched this unique spectacle arrive and depart each year as the herds journey from the short grass plains of the Serengeti in Tanzania to their dry season sanctuary in Kenya’s Masai Mara. Angie
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Jun 10 2009

India 2009

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India We have just returned from an amazing safari in India. We stayed for six weeks and visited out of season – by May the sun is red hot, a great time to see tigers as they are more likely to come to waterholes and streams at this time of year. We had a week in Bandhavgarh National Park – the best place in India to see tigers – and explored a number of new camps and lodges. We were hosted by Nature Heritage for part of our stay and enjoyed the company of Raj who probably knows the tigers of Ranthambhore as well as anyone – he visits the park on a daily basis and has an encyclopedic knowledge of the tigers. We had one remarkable sighting of a mother tiger with three sub-adult-cubs of around sixteen months old that came to drink and cool off at a lake known as Rajbehra late one evening, and saw tigers on every game drive over the next six days.
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Apr 06 2008

India Revisited

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Just back from an amazing adventure in India with our friends Anne and Fred Fisher – both pro photographers. Kenya Airways flys direct from Nairobi to Mumbai so very convenient for us, while the Fisher’s flew Continental direct to Mumbai from Newark in New Jersey, giving all of us the chance to take a few days to acclimatise. The hustle and bustle of Indian cities, so alive with colour and history make a wonderful contrast to the wildlife. First stop on our safari was an old favourite Kanha NP for four nights staying at Tiger Corridor. Our choice was two-fold; the vehicles are more photographer friendly with much more comfortable seats than most of the short wheel based jeeps you see in India’s wildlife parks, and the accomodation is in large air conditioned tents. We love Kanha, particularly the meadows and the bird life is always an added attraction in the daily search for tigers. Dont expect the
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