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Jan 20 2010

Thinking Ahead – On Safari with Jonathan and Angela Scott in 2011:

Sunrise2009 was a busy year for us with the launch of two books (Stars of Big Cat Diary and On Safari), participation in the Canon Ambassadors Programme in Perpignan and London, visits to the Bird Fair at Rutland Water and the Lichfield Camera Club at the Garrick Theatre in the UK, and speaking engagements at The Travelers’ Tales and Wild Photos – both at the Royal Geographical Society. It was exhilarating to be able to network with so many friends and acquaintances in the photography and travel world.

We were delighted with the response to the safaris we hosted in 2009. These included two safaris to Rekero Camp in the Masai Mara (Feb and Oct), Celebration of Wildlife and Cultural Life at Little Governor’s Camp followed by our annual Experience Seminars safari to Kicheche Mara Camp – both in October. We also traveled ‘out of Africa’ in 2009 visiting India, the Arctic and Antarctica.

We will not be visiting either the Arctic or the Antarctic in 2010 enabling us to offer you some new options
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Dec 25 2009

Safaris in 2010

Our safaris in the Masai Mara in Feb and Oct 2010 are looking good. The Oct 2010 trip is now sold out with 16 pax and a full camp all to ourselves. The Feb 2010 trip is definitely on – we have 10 pax confirmed for that with 6 spaces still available.

Our India trip is fully subscribed for March 2010 but we are hoping to offer a similar event in 2011.

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Sep 12 2009

Canon Ambassadors

AngieAngie and I were thrilled to be invited to become Canon Ambassadors earlier in the year. This means that we have the opportunity to meet up with professional photographers from many other disciplines from lifestyle to motorsports to war photography. So in early September we flew to Perpignan in the south of France to attend a Canon sponsored annual event called Visa Pour L’Image which brings together photojournalists from around the world to showcase their work. This provided us with a source of great inspiration and an incredible networking experience. The highlight was to be able to meet with our fellow Canon Ambassadors and the Canon technical team from Europe and Japan to hear the companies plans for the future and for a glimpse of their latest cameras and lenses. This allows professionals to provide invaluable feed back to the people who actually design and manufacture the equipment we all rely on to capture great images in the field. We are eager to try out the new EOS 7D and 4D cameras and the new image stabilized 100mm IS macro lens.

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Aug 26 2009

Launch of Stars of Big Cat Diary

JonathanThe Bird Fair coincided with the launch of our latest book Stars of Big Cat Diary (Evans Mitchell Books) which celebrates 12 years of the popular television series that I present with Simon King and Saba Douglas-Hamilton. Angie and I were delighted with the design and printing and were able to sign copies of the book at the Bird Fair – and at a number of other functions organized to promote the book during our stay in the UK. We were delighted to make an appearance on BBC Breakfast Television and meet up again with Kate Silverton our co-presenter from Big Cat Live, and our evening talk at the Garrick Theatre for the Lichfield Camera Club was a full house. Our old friends and traveling companions Peter and Grace Mason helped organize our stay for this event and once again welcomed us to their home for the night.

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Aug 15 2009

Bird Fair

In August, Angie and I headed to the UK to attend the annual Bird Fair at Rutland Water as guests once again of Swarovski Optiks. A good pair of binoculars are vital to our way of life. Living for much of the time on safari we need to rely on possessing the best binoculars on the market and have owned Leica’s (mine were lost filming the TV series Africa Watch in 1989) and Zeiss binoculars (stolen on my way home from Antarctica 1992) in the past. I then kidded myself that I could get away with using less expensive binoculars but soon tired of that idea and decided to buy Angie a pair of Swarovski’s 8.5 x 40’s. Why Swarovski’s? They just felt so comfortable in the hand and the optics are second to none. Ever since then I have owned a pair of Swarovski’s 10 x 40’s  as well as Swarovksi’s lightweight EL 8 x 32s – you can get 10 x 32s in this range too, both of which now come in a funky safari beige colour. I just love the EL’s: they are brilliant to look through and so lightweight and comfortable to carry – an important consideration when you always have lots of camera equipment and luggage allowance is at a premium. I have traveled to wildlife destinations without taking my binocs in the past and it just doesn’t work – not simply because I want to keep an eagle eye out for predators and birds but because I find it often gives me those vital extra seconds to plan where I want to position myself for the best shot – before things start happening.

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Aug 06 2009

On Line Gallery

Gallery 1We love to take photographs for a myriad of reasons – to satisfy our own sense of creativity, as a record of someone or something that is important to us, to illustrate a book or magazine article or to send off images to a picture agency in the hope that it will generate some income. Photography is our profession, but among the many thousands of images that we have taken over the years there are some that touch a chord with us on a personal level, images that we particularly like and are proud of – images that we would like to share with you.

You can now find a selection of these images on our On Line Gallery at which you can access through our website. We would love you to take a look.

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Aug 01 2009

Snow Hill Island – Emperor penguins

Snow Hill 1In early November we will be back in Antarctica for our second Snow Hill Island trip on Akademik Khlebnikov for another emperor penguin adventure. This season may well be the last opportunity to travel to Snow Hill so we would encourage you to join us on what promises to be a memorable cruise to the Weddell Sea and Antarctic Peninsula. Photographing emperor penguins has to be one of our most memorable wildlife experiences.

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Jun 28 2009

On Safari

On_Safari1We have finished our latest children’s book for Harper Collins Educational Books called On Safari. This lovely little book details the way Angie and I live ‘on safari’: how we get our photographs, how we operate from our cars, where we camp, and what equipment we use. Harper Collins have pulled out all the stops on the production of the book and it looks really beautiful, and received a great response when it was previewed with children at different schools around the UK, so we are hoping that the kids will love it as much as we enjoyed working on this project. It is published in September 2009.

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Jun 22 2009

Wildest Dreams – new BBC1 television series

Wildest_Dreams2I was delighted to be asked to appear in the final programme in the eight-part television series Wildest Dreams, hosted by Nick Knowles and James Honeyborne. This was a bold initiative between BBC Entertainment and the Natural History Unit (NHU) to create a reality show with the winner earning the chance to become a fledgling wildlife filmmaker with a one year placement at the NHU. The nine contestants (whittled down from thousands of applicants) visited eight exotic wildlife locations in East and Southern Africa culminating in a safari to the Masai Mara in Kenya – home of Big Cat Diary. And that is where I came in. My role was to provide information on the various big cats the contestants were hoping to film and to help Nick and James decide who the winner should be. The series airs on 22 July at 7.30pm on BBC1, and continues for a further seven weeks. I certainly had a load of fun in the Mara during
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Aug 16 2008

UK Bird Fair – Rutland Water: August 2008

Next up in August was the Bird Fair at Rutland Water in the UK, an event that we had wanted to visit for many years but just never found the time. An invitation from Swarovski Optic (UK) was all the prompting we needed – and what a time we had. It was a bit like a Kenya wedding – just too many interesting people to chat to (and business partners to brainstorm with) in just three days. We will be back at the Bird Fair in the third week in August 2009 and will be on the Swarovski stand again to sign copies of our books and share more of out adventures with you about our work as wildlife and travel photographers with some illustrated talks at the Exhibition Tent. So please do put that in your diary too.

We were blessed with good weather virtually throughout the Bird Fair, and would like to extend our thanks to Swarovski for their fine hospitality and great optics. Swarovski are our binoculars of choice, having bought Angie a pair of their superb EL 8.5×42 optics many years before Swarovski kindly agreed to sponsor us with their equipment for use in our work in the wildlife field. A good pair of binoculars can make all the difference to spotting a cheetah or lion just when we most need to for photography or filming on Big Cat Diary. Swarovski have just launched their new series of High Definition binoculars with a number of new features in the x8 and x10 power optics which we will be testing in October during the filming of Big Cat Diary Live.

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