Mar 02 2008

Kenya Update

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What a relief we all feel now that the politicians have made an agreement to settle their differences and form a Coalition Government. You could feel the tension while we all waited for some good news – Nairobi has been calm these past few weeks but the suffering in parts of the country have been horrific. Anybody who has visited Kenya will tell you what nice people the Kenyan’s are – and if that sounds patronising it isn’t meant to be; it is the truth – just visit and you will see what I mean. People are welcoming to visitors, people smile, they say Jambo – hello – to strangers unconditionally. It was one of the things that most attracted me to this country when I first visited in 1974. It – along with the incredible wildlife, scenery and weather – made it an irresistible place to return to, and I did in 1976 and have lived here for the last 30 years.We are just off to India for three weeks starting 6 March – and then there is a weeks safari to Kicheche Mara Camp starting 29 March. If you want to know more about that contact Exodus Travels in the UK and speak to Paul Goldstein. I will get a preview of the Mara in a couple of days time when I overnight at Olonana (Abercrombie and Kent’s Camp) in the Mara Triangle to give a talk to a group of American visitors. The Triangle is where Honey the cheetah spent much of her life.No reason to delay that safari to Kenya a day longer. This is the time to still enjoy the Mara while there are less people around and at great prices too. But it wont take long hopefully until Kenya is full of visitors again. And word is that Big Cat Diary is back filming this Sept/Oct. So keeping our fingers crossed for that.

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  1. LizFon 04 Apr 2008 at 6:00 am

    Hi, very glad the situation looks to have calmed down in Kenya. Look forward to seeing you both in October!

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