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Feb 28 2008

Honey the Cheetah

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How could I fail to hear about the fall out from the Honey the cheetah saga as published in the Mail on Sunday recently. Seemed to me as if it was more about someone wanting to have a go at the BBC than anything else which was a pity as there were some real issues there – yes, Honey did die as a result of being darted by a vet, but nobody was trying to mislead the public by not broaching the issue when the latest series of Big Cat went on air. That series was filmed in Sept 2006 and, based on the past, would normally have been aired a few months later. But the series did not find a slot until much later than anyone anticipated – over a year later in fact, not least because the traditional slot for the Diaries of 7.00pm on BBC1 has since been taken by the One Show. Honey died on 17 Feb 2007 – her three surviving male cubs are fit and healthy according to the latest information and living on the other side of the river to where they were born in the Mara Triangle/Conservancy. It is impossible to keep the audience abreast of all the
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