Jan 22 2008

Update on Big Cat Diary

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The frustration of waiting for the latest series of Big Cat Week to air is tempered by talk of going live with the next series, hopefully to be filmed in Sept 2008

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  1. Maramanon 19 Mar 2008 at 2:30 pm

    And we have yet to see Tamu’s Tale!!

    Come on Auntie Beeb. It’s been made and (presumably) paid for so why not get on with it?


  2. Jonathan and Angieon 18 Sep 2008 at 2:03 am

    Hi Bob – Tamu and her 2 boys have split and some people think that Tamu may have a new litter of cubs. The Marsh Pride are in great form – well at least as far as the 4 oldest lionesses are concerned (with White Eye a real stalwart and ‘one tough lady’ among them) – they have 9 cubs of around 5 to 7 months old. These 4 lionesses are the survivors of the buffalo attack on the pride in 1998 which made for a very dramatic sequence on the second series of BCD. There are also 3 younger lionesses who have just starte to breed – though not yet very successfully. There was until last week one little female cub born to these 3 lionesses that had been abandoned by them and was struggling to survive among the rest of the pride – very tough to watch and we just heard from Simon and Marguerite that she didnt make it. But reckon that once again the Marsh Lions are going to give us some great stories for BCD. Notch meanwhile is having a hard time from his 4 younger relatives – they are tiring of his presence it seems – but what a warrior he proved to be or at least what a survivor.

    Havent heard yet when the Tamu story goes on air – as you say who knows??

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