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Thank you for being patient while we have been preparing to launch the The Scotts' Travel Club. It is our intention to provide top quality content for our members and we will continue to update the site with new and exciting information and images.

The Scotts' Travel Club: Who are we and what we do? If you have visited our web site before you will have seen that we act as hosts for personalised journeys to a variety of destinations spanning the globe - from Africa to Antarctica. We live in Kenya and one of our abiding passion is watching and photographing big cats. This is reflected by the years we have spent in the Masai Mara in Kenya. The Mara is our second home - and home to the Marsh Pride of lions who we have followed for more than thirty years. Each year we offer a number of photoworkshops in the Mara and to other destinations such as Zambia and India. But or love of wild places is fueled by much more than our interest in big cats. Travel isn't just about visiting exotic locations. For us it means researching each location we visit, knowing what is important to us as travelers: what kit or gear we are going to need to get the most out of the experience – not just the photography. We want to share that knowledge with you before you make your journey – or better still have you travel with us.

Locations: By becoming a member of the The Scotts' Travel Club you will have access to basic reports and updates on the latest destinations we have visited, plus fact files on trips from the past. We have traveled to all 7 continents in the course of our work as wildlife photographers and TV presenters, and specialize in hosting small groups with an emphasis on wildlife and culture. This year we will be hosting groups in the Masai Mara, Kiwayu on the Kenya coast, Zambia and India - and traveling to Bhutan and Sri Lanka so that we can host these two new destinations in 2012. Photography: We pride ourselves on being able to offer exciting travel experiences regardless of your level of interest in photography - you do not need to be a photographer to enjoy traveling with us. But if you are keen to improve your photography then we can help regardless of your current ability. You will find lots of information on photographic equipment - and some top tips to get you started.


Equipment: We will list our favourite equipment that we are using and how it compares to rival brands – in fact all of the equipment we find most useful on safari around the world. With over 30 years in the field we have a garage packed with gear, as a result of having tried just about every kind of new-fangled device in trying to get the best from our photography – so there is plenty of room for discussion. And we will offer advice on some of the photographic issues that we personally needed to solve to get the best out of the photographic opportunities at each destination.

General Travel: As wildlife and travel photographers seeking to explore the best wildlife locations and travel destinations on the planet, we are always looking for something different - both in terms of our photography and in maximizing the sheer pleasure of the whole experience. How many times have you come back from a holiday wishing that you had known more about your destination before leaving, particularly with regard to planning your time and making sure that you packed everything you needed to make the most of your stay? We will be looking very carefully at which is the best season – month to month – for watching wildlife at each destination; getting it wrong can mean the difference between fulfilling you dreams as both a photographer and a traveler. And we can tell you what the trade off will be for traveling out of season – that discounted price might not be such great value after all depending on your needs and expectations.

Article Archive: We have chosen a selection of wildlife, travel and photography articles that we have written that we think will be of interest to you. We will add new material whenever possible.

Forum: You will have access to a User Forum exclusive to The Scotts' Travel Club members. This will enable you to network with fellow travelers, share your experiences, and offer tips and advice. We will select items from the Forum that are of particular interest to our members and publish them in the Newsletter.

Careers Advice: People of all ages and walks of life contact us for information on how we got started and what opportunities there are today for those wanting to make a career out of their passion be it Wildlife Photography, an interest in Nature or as a Wildlife Filmmaker, TV Presenter or Author. We have compiled a report offering some advice as to how to take the next step. We believe that anyone can follow their dream. You just have to make it happen.

We are very excited about the The Scotts' Travel Club and see it as a constantly evolving experience; a way to share our love of wildlife, photography and travel with a wider audience.


As we say in Swahili: Karibuni - 'welcome' to our world.

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