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The Masai Mara National Game Reserve, Kenya - Kenya has been our home for more than half our lives, and the Masai Mara a place that we feel intimately connected to. This is undoubtedly the most exciting and rewarding location for us as wildlife photographers. Each year during the dry season the Mara plays host to the spectacular migration of wildebeest and zebra. In June the great herds trek north into Kenya from Tanzania’s fabled Serengeti National Park. Hundreds of thousands of wildebeest and zebras stream across the border – there are no fences – flooding the Mara’s stippled grasslands and gathering along the banks of the Mara River to drink. The migratory herds join the resident elephants, buffaloes, impalas, topis and gazelles as they search for fresh pastures, creating a Pleistocene vision of times past.

The Mara is a kingdom of predators, home to large prides of lions, fleet-footed cheetahs and the secretive leopard - the great cats that every visitor on safari longs to see, and which Angie and I have spent so many years documenting in pictures and words – the stars of Big Cat Diary, the long-running BBC television series that began more than a decade ago. Masai herdsmen graze their livestock around the periphery of the Reserve, and provide a unique opportunity for visitors to learn more about their colourful way of life.

There is nowhere on earth that you can see such a variety of large charismatic animals in a single location, with the bonus of over 500 species of birds. The fact that the majority of wild creatures are so accustomed to vehicles provides infinite possibilities for photography - and the safari of a lifetime. If you are in search of the quintessential African experience – wide open spaces, blue skies and the chance to relax in comfort and style - then why not consider a private tented safari with us as your hosts.

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