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Jonathan has been presenting wildlife programmes in the UK and US since 1982, featuring on such long running shows as Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom as well as the live broadcasts Africa Watch and Flamingo Watch for BBC/Discovery and Turner Broadcasting in the 1980/90s. In 1996 he presented his own series of six African adventures for the BBC called Dawn to Dusk, but he is probably best known for his engaging role as co-host of the hugely popular series Big Cat Diary, Big Cat Week and Big Cat Live. Big Cat aired from 1996 to 2008. Re-runs of the show can still be seen at times on Animal Planet and the BBC. Jonathan became the face of many of the Diary series that followed in the ground breaking footsteps of Big Cat Diary, co-hosting Elephant Diaries, Big Bear Diary, and narrating Chimp Week. His latest series The Truth About Lions aired on the BBC in 2011.

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Television Programs


2011        BBC: The Truth About Lions
2010        BBC/Animal Planet: The Secret Leopards
2008        BBC: Big Cat Live
2007        Oman TV: The Arabian Leopard
2006        BBC/Animal Planet: Big Bear Diary
2005-07   BBC/Animal Planet: Elephant Diaries – Series 1 and 2
2003-06   BBC: Big Cat Week – Series 1 to 4
1997-99   Paramount Television: Wild Things
1996-02   BBC/Discovery/Animal Planet: Big Cat Diary – Series 1 to 4
1996        BBC: Dawn to Dusk
1995        BBC/Turner: Flamingo Watch
1989        BBC/Discovery: Africa Watch
1985        Central TV: Nature Watch
1982-84   Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom
1982        Ambush at Masai Mara



I have know Jonathan Scott for over thirty years.  At the start of my career as a zoologist and wildlife filmmaker, I learnt a huge amount from him about how to observe and photograph African wildlife, especially the big cats.  Jonathan was a huge inspiration to me and it is due to him that many of my early films were made in the Masai Mara about it’s predators, including leopards, cheetahs and wilddogs. It was Jonathan who showed me that every big cat experiences an incredible life, and this inspired our series Big Cat Diary, which we made together with Jonathan presenting.  However, Jonathan was always so much more than just a presenter.  On Big cat Diary he provided the science, the stories and always remained as the best guy to find the leopard!  I later went on the make the Disneynature movie African Cats.  If I had not had the privilege of knowing Jonathan for all my professional life, and learning from him, I would never have been able to make this film.  For me, he is the ultimate naturalist and an inspiration
to us all. Keith Scholey

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