Check out Canon’s new EOS-1DX Mk2

Wildlife photography is all about capturing the moment. That means knowing what your subject is going to do next and then having the right equipment to create great images. The new Canon EOS-1DX Mk2 offers lots of new features to help us to do just that: high ISP capability to allow us to shoot in […]

24 Hours in the Mara

We have always believed that there is nowhere in the world quite like the Masai Mara in Kenya – our second home. In fact if Angie and I only had one day left in our life we would spend it right here in the Mara at our stone Cottage at Governors Camp in Marsh Pride […]

Safari Guide Books to East African Animals – and Birds

Want to know the names of the animals and birds you are most likely to see on your safari to East Africa’s? Here’s what you have been looking for – two beautifully illustrated and informative guide books that will be the envy of your friends back home. More importantly our best selling guide books will […]

Introduction to William ole Pere’s Masai Village

Hear firsthand what makes spending time with the Masai people one of our favourite photographic safaris. Learn why there are still so many wild animals in Masailand and how to get the most out of photographing people with our friends and colleagues Rick and Susan Sammon, Canon professionals who live in the States. The top […]

Serengeti Sunglasses

I have been driving over rough dusty roads in Africa for 40 years squinting in to blazing sun as I search the plains and acacia thickets for the big cats that have been my lifelong obsession. I deliberately avoided wearing sun glasses in the mistaken belief that they would make it more difficult for me […]

Photographing the Masai in Kenya

Angie was born in Africa and I have lived here for 40 years. For most of that time we have concentrated on photographing East Africa’s glorious wildlife. But over the years we have become good friends with the Masai pastoralists who live side by side with the wild animals in Masailand. We have followed their […]

The Shot with Angela Scott

Find out what it takes to be a wildlife photographer as Angie talks you through capturing the moment with one of her favourite African big cats – the cheetah. Translating the blinding speed of the fastest creature on four legs into award winning images takes years of experience and an intimate knowledge of your subject. […]

Welcome to Kenya from the Big Cat People

Angie was born in Africa and I have lived in Kenya for nearly 40 years. It is our home, the place where our children grew up and went to school. Our grandson Michael has already made more safaris in Kenya than many people will do in a lifetime – and he isn’t even two years […]

Jonathan and Angie at work

J&A in the car from The Big Cat People on Vimeo. Jonathan and Angie explain how they shoot great wildlife images with their Canon cameras and lenses

The World of The Sabertooth

Jonathan and Mauricio Anton combine their extensive knowledge and artistry to bring the Sabertooths back to life through their first hand experience of modern day big cats.

Jonathan loses sight of lioness hunting

Jonathan loses sight of a lioness which is using his car as a blind as Honey the cheetah looks on.  Fortunately, for Honey and the cubs, the target is an injured wildebeest in what will be one of the easiest kills the pride will make.

Breakfast in the Bush

Behind the scenes with Jonathan & Angie, & Dan Chung, while they wait for action with Notch & The Boys.  Get Jonathan’s secret recipe for homemade yogurt and learn how to make a good cup of coffee, while in a landcruiser beside a smelly hippo carcass. Breakfast in the bush. from The Big Cat People […]

Jonathan & Angie photograph Notch & the gang eating a hippo

Over the course of several days, Jonathan & Angie sit with Notch and his boys, while they eat and guard a large hippo carcass. In following clips you will see how, come rain or shine, friend or foe, The King of Beasts will not give up his ownership of the carcass. Jonathan & Angie photograph […]

How to change a tyre in the dark!

Jonathan & Angie encounter a small problem on the way home to camp one night. It is dark and has been a long day, but there will be no dinner or hot showers unless a flat tyre is changed.  Luckily friends from camp are nearby to help.  So, with a torch and all the kit […]

Introducing Notch & the Boys

The Lion King has nothing on these lions! There has never been a coalition of males quite like Notch and The Boys. Notch is the ‘Big Daddy’ of lions, one of the most successful pride males that we have ever had the pleasure of watching. He is twelve years old and past his prime but you […]

Masai dancing in the Mara

With their eye-catching costumes and colourful ceremonies the Masai of East Africa have traditionally lived side-by-side with the wild animals out on the African savannas, following the pattern of the rains in search of fresh grazing for their livestock. They have always relied on their cattle, goats and sheep to sustain them, constructing flat-topped, loaf-shaped […]

Zawadi and Malaika

Zawadi is 16 years old and our favourite leopard. She is Half-Tail’s daughter and her territory includes ‘Leopard Gorge’ a magical place among the acacia woodlands beyond the Reserve boundary. We have been coming to the Gorge for more than 30 years and Angie always says that: ‘If ever God wanted to create a special […]