The Big Cat Man (Bradt Publishers): Order your Copy now and SAVE!!!

July 1st, 2016

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Getting very close now to D Day for my Autobiography The Big Cat Man!!!

So how much do you really love The Big Cat Man?? Lets see!!!

Here is your chance to get a great discount on my Autobiography The Big Cat Man due out in early August from our Publishers Bradt who have done an amazing job – as has our son David who came up with the Design Concept for TBCM and Sacred Nature: Life’s Eternal Dance (HPH) that is due out in September – more on that epic in due course.


So don’t let me down now!!! The Big Cat Man is 80,000 words written from the heart – no holds barred – and full of my pen and ink illustrations – some published for the first time, plus Angie’s great colour images from Africa and Antarctica. It is quite a tale and full of surprises.

Love this shot taken by Mia Collis of me at the Ivory Burning. Not sure why I have a smile on my face – I had just dropped our precious Canon EF200-400mm lens in the mud! Ouch!!

For more crazy stuff from The Big Cat Man at a knock down price read on:

Warm regards to all

Jonathan and Angie



3 comments on “The Big Cat Man (Bradt Publishers): Order your Copy now and SAVE!!!

  1. daosmo says:

    Hi Jonathan, I just placed my book order and can’t wait to receive it next month! I don’t think I was one of the first ones to order though according to comments on your Facebook page, but I’m in the first wave! The book sounds fantastic and I know I’m going to love the photos and illustrations!

    Take care,

  2. Pepe Puy says:

    It is really great, I am waiting anxiously to have the book, both books in my hands. Thank you very much.

    Pepe Puy

  3. Thanks everyone – there are plenty of surprises for you along the journey! Great to hear from you both – loyal supporters all these years! We really appreciate you! From Windhoek in Namibia – about to set off for 10 day safari to the Skeleton Coast and then up north to the Angolan border and a wonderful lodge called Serra Cafema with oryx and Himba people in a very starkly beautiful landscape that includes The Valley of The Dunes – epic!

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