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1st to 14th

Jonathan and Angie will be guest lecturers with Quark Expeditions on board their Russian icebreaker Khlebnikov, visiting Snow Hill Island in Antarctica to photograph breeding emperor penguins. Jonathan and Angie made a semi-circumnavigation of Antarctica with Quark and Khlebnikov in 2006. The chance to see breeding emperor penguins is every wildlife photographers dream. Contact Exodus Travel (UK) for more information on tel: 0208-7723753 or Paul Goldstein on paulg@exodus.co.uk or pgoldstein@exodus.co.uk


Exodus Travels, on board Vavilov. South Georgia (5 days) and Antarctic Peninsula (Weddell Sea). Jonathan and Angie will be guest lecturers on this trip. Contact: Exodus Travels.
Tel: 0208-7723753 or pgoldstein@exodus.co.uk

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