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Antarctica: Journeys to a Fragile Eden

Publisher: Evans Mitchell
Date: 2009

Stars of Big Cat Diary

Since 1996, Jonathan has co-presented Big Cat Diary and Big Cat Week, reporting on the daily lives of the Masai Mara's three species of big cat. Over the past 12 years ‘Big Cat Diary’ has successfully captured the excitement that everyone who takes a safari to Africa will experience and brought it directly into your living rooms. In ‘Stars of Big Cat Diary’ Jonathan and Angela Scott recreate the excitement, sharing how this remarkable series came together, the drama that kept viewers on the edge of their seats and the characters such as Kike, Honey and Half-Tail that won the hearts of every audience.

Antarctica: Journeys to a Fragile Eden

Publisher: Harper Collins
Date: 2007

Antarctica: Journeys to a Fragile Eden (HarperCollins 2007).

In this beautifully illustrated book Jonathan and Angie chart in words and pictures a vivid narrative exploring every aspect of the white continent. Their journey embraces the Falkland Islands, South Georgia and the Antarctic Peninsula, culminating in a semi-circumnavigation of the Antarctic continent on the Russian icebreaker Kapitan Khlebnikov taking them from the southernmost tip of Argentina to New Zealand, via the Ross Sea and the historic huts.

As a child, Jonathan was inspired by the life of the Antarctic explorer Robert Falcon Scott, and his son Peter Scott who became one of the 20th centuries most highly respected conservationists. Jonathan and Angie draw on the Scotts’ legacy to paint a vivid portrait of everything that makes a journey to Antarctica such a beguiling experience, highlighting how even this seemingly remote and pristine wilderness has been subject to the impact of man’s exploitation and greed. This book is the ideal gift for anyone who has dreamed of visiting Antarctica, and a fitting tribute to our last great wilderness.



Big Cat Diary - Leopard

Publisher: Harper Collins

Antarctica (Collins Big Cat)

Big Cat Babies (Collins Big Cat)

Jonathan and Angie have written and illustrated six titles in this award-winning series for HarperCollins Publishers, featuring a number of Africa’s most charismatic animals such as the big cats, elephants, rhinos, crocodiles and hippos, as well as Alaskan brown bears, Antarctic penguins and Komodo dragons. Their latest book in this series features the authors On Safari in the Masai Mara, Kenya’s most famous game reserve and filming location of the hugely popular television series Big Cat Diary.

Publisher: Harper Collins
Date: 2002



Big Cat Diary: Lion  

The first in a series of three books on Africa’s big cats. Big Cat Diary: Lion is a companion volume to the successful television series which goes beyond the day-to-day footage, and explores the bigger picture: history, biology, behaviour and conservation. The book offers a detailed examination of lion behaviour, the way lions are organised socially, how they develop from birth to young adults, how the males take over prides, and how lone females survive without a pride.

There is an historical perspective of the big cat families featured in the series, including the famous Marsh Lion pride. The book also looks outside the Masai Mara Game Reserve, to the Serengeti National Park in Tanzania and the Ngorongoro Crater, and Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Zambia and South Africa.

The question of how to conserve the world’s big cat population is an urgent one: there could be as few as 30,000 lions left in Africa.

With its stunning pictures and fascinating, first-hand accounts, Big Cat Diary: Lion provides a unique insight into the lives of these magnificent animals.  


Publisher: Harper Collins
Date: 2004

Big Cat Diary: Leopard 

The second in a series of books on Africa’s big cats which follows the same format as Big Cat Diary: Lion, and covers every aspect of leopard biology and behaviour, including details of the lives of Half-Tail and her daughter Zawadi (also known as Shadow) who became stars of the first television series of Big Cat Diary filmed in 1996. The book provides information on the global leopard population and conservation issues, and is illustrated with the authors’ beautiful images.


Publisher: Harper Collins
Date: 2005

Big Cat Diary: Cheetah  

Last in the series of three big cat titles, this book is an intimate look at the world’s fastest land animal, featuring some of the much-loved cheetahs featured on television, such as Amber (also known as Queen), Kike and Honey (Toto’s mother). The special relationship that the Scotts’ have shared with the Mara’s big cats is reflected in their award winning photographs.


Publisher: Fountain Press
Date: 2000
ISBN: 0 86343 3987
Pages: 192
Black and White illustrations: 39
Full Colour Photographs: 220
Price: $30

Mara-Serengeti: A Photographer's Paradise 

A stunning collection of Jonathan and Angie’s best wildlife photographs, taken over a period of 25 years exploring the wonder and beauty of the Mara-Serengeti. This is the first landscape book that Jonathan and Angie have produced and the new format certainly does justice to their images. There are written essays on the Mara, lions, leopards, cheetahs, the great migration, the wild dogs, and the Masai people, to accompany the more than 200 photographs. There are also plenty of Jonathan and Angie’s pen and ink drawings, and a section at the end of the book giving tips on how to take great wildlife photographs.

Publisher: Kensta
Date: 1997
Pages: 159
Full Colour Photographs: 324
Price: $17.95

Jonathan Scott's Safari Guide to East African Birds

Jonathan and Angie took great pains in designing these beautifully illustrated safari guide books to East Africa’s most commonly seen animals and birds. They realized over the years that many people wanted to combine a souvenir of their safari with an easy to use guide book. Visitors don’t want to drag a hefty tome around with them when they are traveling, particularly if it describes every species that occurs but tells you little about how they live. Generally people seem to prefer a different approach. They want a book that helps them to identify the animals and birds that they are most likely to see, and which gives them plenty of information. More on less - is best. The two titles make a beautiful souvenir; the perfect gift for a friend back home; and the ideal way to identify the animals and birds that you have seen and photographed.


Publisher: Kensta
Date: 1997
Pages: 192
Full Colour Photographs: 248
Price: $20.50

Jonathan Scott's Safari Guide to East African Animals

An easy to use guide book featuring the animals most commonly seen on safari in Kenya. Published in English, German and Italian, this proved to be very popular with visitors and tour guides alike. Packed with information and lots of illustrations; includes basic facts and figures for each species, such as weight, gestation period, longevity, etc., at the top of each page. There is a check list at the back of the book.

Publisher: BBC Books
Date: 1996
ISBN: 0 563 371951
Pages: 224
Black and White Illustrations: 12
Full Color Photographs: 75
Price: $19.99

Dawn to Dusk

By now, Jonathan had established himself as a television presenter, having featured as a co-host on the long running American wildlife show Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom, as well as co-presenting various live television programmes for the BBC. In 1996, Jonathan had the opportunity to present his own wildlife series Dawn to Dusk, featuring six African wildlife adventures: a balloon safari over the Serengeti with legendary wildlife cameraman Alan Root; Elephant back safari with Randall Moore in Botswana’s Okavango Delta; wild dogs in Moremi Game Reserve in Botswana; tracking black rhino and elephant in Namibia and exploring desert wildlife at Gobabeb Research Station; white water rafting and a canoe safari with John Stevens in Zimbabwe; and tracking chimpanzees with Charlotte Uhlenbroek in Gombe National Park in Tanzania. Illustrated with Jonathan’s photographs and pen and ink drawings, the book of Dawn to Dusk provides plenty of background information on all of these destinations, and on his co-hosts.

"There can rarely have been a more spendidly written or illustrated book about the wildlife of East Africa". EASTERN DAILY PRESS

Publisher: Kyle Cathie
Date: 1992
ISBN: 1 85626 061 5
Pages: 191
Black and White Illustrations: 38
Full Coloue Photographs: 129
Price: $25

Kingdom of Lions

Jonathan returns to the theme of the Masai Mara and its big cats, catching up with his old friends the Marsh Lions, Half-Tail the leopard and the cheetahs - and continues the story of the wild dogs who in the late 1980s and early 1990s were decimated by outbreaks of distemper and rabies among the domestic dog population which runs wild with the Masai herdsmen and other pastoral people. But there can be no future for wildlife in Africa without considering the needs of local communities such as the Masai and their livestock, who live in wildlife dispersal areas surrounding Game Reserves and National Parks. Without their cooperation, now and in the future, there will be no wild animals. English, German and French editions.

".......Kingdom of Lions is a fine work with thoughtful - and thought provoking - writing, accompanied by magnificent color photographs and pen and ink sketches groups of lions in the Masai Mara. Indeed, his sketches are the equal of any I have seen from Zimbabwe's gifted Craig Bone and are worth the purchase price of the book alone".


Publisher: Verlag Neugebeuer Press
Date: 1991
ISBN: 0 88708 186X
Pages: 29
Full color Photographs: 46
Price: $15.95

Leopard Family Book

A delightful book for adults and children, providing plenty of information on these exquisitely beautiful creatures. Captures something of the reasons why the leopard remains Jonathan’s favourite wild animal. English, German, and Japanese editions.

Publisher: Hamish Hamilton
Date: 1991
ISBN: 0 241 12485 9
Pages: 233
Black and White Illustrations: 15
Full Colour Photographs: 83
Price: $25

Painted Wolves: Wild Dogs of the Serengeti-Mara

Jonathan had always been fascinated by wild dogs or hunting dogs as they are also known. Their scientific name, Lycaon pictus, means painted wolf, perfectly describing their multi-coloured coat markings – blotched white, brown and yellow. Less than 5,000 of these enigmatic predators remain in the whole of Africa. The best way to find wild dogs is when they have puppies. For most of the year the dogs roam widely, a single pack can have a home range of 500 sq km to 2000 sq km. But each year the dominant female in a pack gives birth to ten puppies – or more – keeping them safe at an underground den in an abandoned aardvark burrow or hyena den for a period of three months. Jonathan camped out in his car on the Serengeti plains, living with the wild dogs for weeks at a time, documenting their struggle to survive in the face of competition from the more numerous lions and hyenas, who steal their food and try and kill their puppies.

".......One of life's pleasure is a good book. Its hard to define exactly why some books are better than others. It may be the color work the way it is written or new and interesting information. But I've just been treated to a 24 carat example of a really good book. Superbly written and beautifully illustrated, the subject is an animal with a very poor public image - the African wild dog. It is written by Jonathan Scott whom I had the pleasure of meeting four or five years ago and it is a worthy advocate for this much maligned animal". EVENING POST

Publisher: Elm Tree Books
Date: 1988
ISBN: 0 87857 866 8
Pages: 159
Black and White Illustrations: 25
Full COlour Photographs: 85
Price: $35

The Great Migration

One of Jonathan’s lifelong ambitions had been to follow the journey of the great wildebeest migration from their calving grounds on the Serengeti’s short grass plains to their dry season holding ground in the Masai Mara. Jonathan spent months in the Serengeti, documenting in words and pictures every facet of the wildebeest’s annual cycle. The story tells of the illegal meat hunters who kill tens of thousands of animals each year, setting wire snares in the acacia country that the great herds mast pass through once they leave the open plains. Jonathan treks with the wildebeest and zebra as they move into the Mara, describing the impact this huge influx of animals has on the lives of the other creatures with which they share this incomparable wildlife sanctuary.

".......Jonathan Scott has become one of the world's most talented artists in both photography and in the painting of wildlife and this splendid book "The Great Migration" with its superb pictures of wildebeest on the move and crossing rivers shows an expertise difficult to equal and not given to ordinary mortals". WEEKEND - DOUGLAS DEANE

Publisher: Elm Tree Books
Date: 1985
ISBN: 0 241 11444 6
Pages: 192
Price: $16.95

The Leopard's Tale

Jonathan describes in vivid detail the joy of observing a leopard and her cubs – the first book to document in such depth the life of a wild leopard. For six months during 1983 and 1984, Jonathan spent each day with two adult leopards – a mother and daughter – both of which had cubs. Jonathan had known the younger of the two adult females since she was a few months old, and named her Chui – meaning leopard in Swahili. Now, after six years of waiting, his dream of observing a mother leopard and her cubs had come true allowing him to produce a photographic record of events in their lives. Kodak mounted a major exhibition of the photographs from The Leopard’s Tale at the Natural History Museum in London in 1985. English and Swedish editions; German paperback edition.

".......The test is absorbing, the photographs superb....The whole is a package of extraordinary images and words - a book that deserves wide recognition and demands to be considered". PRACTICAL PHOTOGRAPHY



Publisher: Elm Tree Books
Date: 1982
ISBN: 0 333 359887
Pages: 223
Black and White Illustrations: 14
Full Colour Photographs: 179
Price: $7.97

The Marsh Lions: The Story of an African Pride (link 1)

The Marsh Lions: The Story of an African Pride (link 2)

Co-authored with journalist Brian Jackman, this book tells the story of a pride of lions in Kenya’s Masai Mara National Reserve, detailing the lions daily lives; the trials and tribulations that befall the lionesses and their cubs as they battle to defend the Marsh Lion’s territory against other groups of females and the chaos of a pride take-over, when new males arrive on the scene and chase away the pride males. All of the Masai Mara’s key players are here: the annual migration of wildebeest and zebra from Tanzania’s Serengeti National Park, that arrives in June each year at the beginning of the dry season and provide a bounty of food for all the predators; as well as the leopards, cheetahs, wild dogs and the Masai people. Each chapter opens with one of Jonathan’s beautiful pen and ink drawings, and is illustrated throughout with colour photographs.

".......Here is the very pulse of Wild Africa: the splendour, the glory, the harmony, the tragedy, the courage". SUNDAY STANDARD

".......is a fascinating study...the fine descriptive writing brings the sights and sounds of Africa to life.....outstanding color photographs" DAILY TELEGRAPH

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